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The Modern Antiquarian Ancient sites of the UK with details contributed by members
The Megalithic Portal Another website with items submitted by members
Megalithomania The most comprehensive guide to Ireland's prehistoric sites
Megalith Map Excellent resource with links to many sites.
Stone Pages The stones sites of Europe
The Northern Antiquarian Paul Bennett's rapidly expanding northern based prehistory site
British Rock Art Collection A comprehensive guide to Rock Art in Britain
Shadows and Stone Simply stunning photos of Irish sites by Ken Williams
Pastscape Searchable database of the National Monuments Record
Heritage Action Campaigning to preserve Britain's prehistoric sites
Archwilio Searchable database of the Welsh Archaeological Trusts
Isle of Albion Excellent site with fantastic photos of ancient and Medieval remains
Ancient Wisdom 'Exploring the Frontiers of Prehistory' on a worldwide level
Ancient Craft Website dedicated to the study and recreation of ancient crafts
Timewatch Campaign group for the preservation of ancient monuments Good British monuments site.
Alastair's Stone Circles More great pages with an emphasis on Derbyshire.
Monument Class Descriptions English Heritage glossary of monuments
Archaeology Data Service Searchable database of prehistoric sites
Magic Map Definitive search tool for Scheduled Ancient Monuments
Antiquity Online archaeological research journal
The Isle of Avalon Site dedicated to the Glastonbury area
Avebury Site dedicated to the Avebury area
Northumberland Rock Art The Stan Beckensall web archive
Tempus Publishing Group Publishers of many history and archaeology books
Death of the Iceman BBC page about the discovery of Otzi
Council for British Archaeology The gateway to British archaeology online
British Archaeology articles List of articles from the above website
Flag Fen An excellent Bronze Age visitor's centre
Kickback - History and Archaeology Guide to the Archaeological sites of Cornwall
Darwin Country A nice collection of photographs of museum exibits
Creswell Crags Ice Age occupied caves and visitor centre
Bronze Age Craft Neil Burridge's hand crafted Bronze Age reproductions
Bronze Age in Europe A links page to many articles on the European Bronze Age
Time Team Website of the popular TV archaeology programme
Cadw Welsh Assembly's historic environment division
OS Coordinate transformer Convert between various coordinate systems
Legendary Dartmoor Excellent site detailing all aspects of Dartmoor
Flint Knapping Information and photos about shaping flints
Natural Pathways Flint Knapping and Bushcraft/Wilderness courses in Kent
The Knapper's Corner More information and pictures about knapping More resources about flint knapping
Current Archaeology The UK's best-selling archaeology magazine
Men-an-Tol Studio Publisher of books on Cornish Antiquities
From Dot to Domesday An introduction to British prehistory
Megalithic Walks Great guide to sites in the UK and beyond
Heritage Marketing & Publications Bookshop with over 125000 old and out of print articles
Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire Resources for Lincolnshire history
Birchover Village Percy Heathcote's history of Birchover in Derbyshire
The Megaliths of Carnac Pictures and descriptions of the stones of Carnac, France
Paleo Psychology Investigation into the psychology of Paleolithic paintings
Institute of Druidic Technology Tongue in cheek examination of Celtic computer technology!
Megalithic Ireland Featuring many prehistoric and early Christian sites
Megalithic Sound and Landscape Exploring the role of sound in the use of monuments
Megalithics Over 5000 photos of prehistoric sites in Europe
Meyn Mamvro Magazine of ancient stones and sacred sites in Cornwall
Mysterious Britain Guide to mysterious places, legends and folklore in Britain
Mystical World Wide Web List of stone circles in Britain
Landesmuseum Article in German about the Nebra sky-disk
Northern Earth Earth mysteries, archaeology and folklore
Paul's Stone Circle Database Information on over a hundred stone circles in the UK
Place Names British place name prefix and suffixes
Archaeology UK - ARCHI Searchable index of over 95000 UK archaeological sites
Prehistoric Music Ireland A study of the music and instruments of early Ireland
National Monuments Record of Wales Including a searchable database of Welsh sites
Recumbent Stone Circles Recumbent Stones Circles in North East Scotland
Rock Art: Past and Present Durham University's Rock Art resources
Rock Art in the British Landscape MSN group dedicated to Rock Art
Avebury Stone Circle Pete Glastonbury's excellent Avebury website
South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology Pages about Otzi the 'Iceman'
VRML Models of The Sanctuary A virtual reality model of the Sanctuary near Avebury
Stone Age Reference Collection University of Oslo resources on stone age technology
Some Welsh Sites Small collection of Welsh prehistoric sites
Stone Monuments Decay Study Research into the decay of sites in Ireland
Stonehenge English Heritage's Stonehenge information pages
Stones of Wonder Guide to prehistoric monuments in Scotland
Jarett Kobek Contains a copy of Stukeley's 'Stonehenge A Temple Restor'd'
Archaeology in Wales Contains a useful list of sites and OS grid references
Tara's Sheela-na-gig website Photos, descriptions and resources on Sheela figures
Open Access Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 information
Archaeology of the Yorkshire Wolds Introduction to the archaeology of the area
National Archives of Scotland Online records for Scotland
The Prehistoric Society Publishers of Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society and PAST
Rollright Stones The Rollright stone circle Trust's website
Stonehenge Organisation Information about Stonehenge and visiting the site
Understanding the British Iron Age Draft Report of an Iron Age Research Seminar
Archaeo Resource Guide for Europe Searchable database of European resources Loads of information about the Romans in Britain
Neanderthal Museum The German Neander Valley museum's website
Well Within's Links Links to a little bit of everything
West Penwith Resources Account of an 1862 journey around ancient Cornwall
MegalithicMeets Yahoo group for visits to ancient sites
Yorkshire Wolds A drive around old Yorkshire
Chris Bond Chris Bond's photo collection of ancient sites
Written in Stone A Julian Cope article about the Orkney Islands for 'Time'
The Gypsey Race Northern Earth article on the landscape around Rudston
Old Ordnance Survey Maps Just as the link says
Gaelic Dictionaries Online For help in translating Scottish and Irish place names
Archaeological Resource Assessments The archaeology of the East Midlands region
CanMap Searchable map of the Scottish monuments record
Radiocarbon Palaeolithic Database Database of 12000 European Palaeolithic C14 dates

Unicycling and javelin throwing proved popular
at this years All England Archeologists Olympics
ArtMagick It you can't find what you want here, it probably doesn't exist.
Artchive Vast archive of artists.
Kings Galleries Buy or commission copies of original artwork.
CELTIC ART Contains pictures by many artists, past and present
Celtic Art and Cultures Many resources to do with Celtic Art
Joanna Powell Colbert Nice art with a Celtic taste
Peter Pracownik Beautiful art with a Celtic inspired theme

Rollright Circle 1992 - Where do the years go!?

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