Blakeley Raise
Bronze Age Stone Circle ?
South of Ennerdale Bridge, Cumbria  OS Map Ref NY06011403
OS Maps - Landranger 89 (West Cumbria), Explorer OL4 (The English Lakes: NW Area)

Blakeley Raise Stone Circle
This is a nice little stone circle on a small plateau of land known as Blakeley Moss with the looming hill of Blakeley Raise behind it to the southeast. It stands next to the road that runs south from Ennerdale Bridge to near the coast at Calder Bridge and is hence very easy to find.
The circle has a diameter of about 15 metres and consists of 11 smallish stones with the tallest only about a metre tall and has possible entrances to the south and northwest. The site was partly restored in 1925 and the stones are now set in concrete - how accurate the reconstruction was is not known, and rather than dating from the Bronze Age some people believe that the circle is in fact a modern fake.

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