Din Lligwy
Romano-British Settlement
Moelfre, Anglesey  OS Map Ref SH49708613
OS Maps - Landranger 114 (Anglesey), Explorer 263 (Anglesey East)

Din Lligwy Walled Settlement Huts
The remains of a pair of huts. The enclosing wall shows up well in the satellite image below.
Din Lligwy Google Satellite image.
This walled settlement is thought to date from some time in the late 4th century AD (dated by finds of pottery and Roman coins) although it is unclear for how long it was occupied or why it was abandoned. It consists of 2 round huts and 7 rectangular huts with an outer double limestone wall filled with rubble which has an entrance to the northeast. The foundations and lower parts of the walls of the huts still survive as can be seen in the photograph and the layout of the settlement is easy to visualize - remains of slag and oak charcoal found in hearths in 2 of the huts suggest that some of the occupants were involved in iron smelting. Din Lligwy is a short distance from the chambered barrow of Lligwy.
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