Neolithic Chambered Tomb
Southwest of Benllech, Anglesey, Wales  OS Map Ref SH51428172
OS Maps - Landranger 114 (Anglesey), Explorer 263 (Anglesey East)

Glyn chambered tomb - front view.
Glyn chambered tomb - front view.
The chambered tomb of Glyn is situated on a gentle southeastern slope just outside the village of Benllech above Red Wharf Bay to the east of Anglesey with another Neolithic tomb of Pant-y-Saer less than 800 metres away to the northwest.

What makes Glyn a little different to many tombs is that it is partly built into the underlying bedrock on the edge of a limestone terrace, instead of upright slabs, chunky blocks of limestone have been used to provide support for the capstone. The capstone itself has broken into at least two pieces - I'm not sure if the block to the right in the picture above is a third piece - it would originally have been 4.5 metres long and the break can be clearly seen in the picture below with a 1 metre section lying to the left.

There is very little trace of a covering mound, much of it has presumably been carted away for stone walling but CADW record a slightly raised area around the tomb having a diameter of about 14 metres that is presumably the remains of a covering cairn.

The tomb was partially investigated in 1909 but the excavator found that the contents of the chamber had already been rifled without any finds being recorded.
Glyn chambered tomb - side and rear view
Glyn chambered tomb - side and rear view showing the break in the massive capstone.

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