Bronze Age Round Barrow
South Of Hagworthingham, Lincolnshire  OS Map Ref TF346686
OS Maps - Landranger 122 (Skegness & Horncastle), Explorer 273 (Lincolnshire Wolds South)

Hagworthingham Round Barrow
This is a nice barrow in a pleasant spot standing on gently eastward sloping land between two tributaries of the River Lymn with some great views of the surrounding countryside.

The barrow itself is oval measuring roughly 30 metres by 20 metres (probably the result of plough damage) and stands about a couple of metres tall with a sizeable depression in its top. It is though that this is the result of the barrow being used as the base for a windmill at some time in the past, indeed it is marked on the OS map as 'mill mound'.

Date: Bronze Age
360 Degree Panorama
360 Degree Panorama

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