Neolithic Chambered Tomb (?)
Southwest of Llangefni, Anglesey  OS Map Ref SH42577197
OS Maps - Landranger 114 (Anglesey), Explorer 263 (Anglesey East)

Henblas 'dolmen' looking northeast
Henblas looking northeast, two huge boulders with a possible capstone lying between them.
The huge rocks of Henblas 'dolmen' are curious sight and it is debatable whether they were part of a man made structure or simply glacial erratics deposited near the edge of a plateau above the river Hen Afon Cefni.

Standing in pasture in the now abandoned Henblas Country Park the monument consists of a pair of massive quartz rich boulders with a further large slab lying between them that has been interpreted as being a former capstone - whether this capstone actually once balanced on the two boulders is also questionable. The boulders which measure about 4 metres and 3 metres in height are probably in their original positions but it has been noted that the capstone which is nearly 4 metres square has scratch marks or 'striations' that do not match the direction of the known ice flows in the area leading to the suggestion that it has been moved by human hands.

It is possible then that the capstone was added to the existing rocks to create a chambered tomb, unconfirmed reports from the 19th century claim that at least one other stone stood nearby and this may have formed part of an entrance passage from the east. These same reports also claim that an urn full of cremated ashes as well as more ash under a stone slab and a possible blue faience bead were found at or near to the site.

Possible Date: Neolithic
The boulders are rich in veins of quartz which can be seen to form a lattice in the picture above.

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