King's Hill
Barrow of unknown date
North of Bardney, Lincolnshire  OS Map Ref TF121708
OS Maps - Landranger 121 (Lincoln & Newark-on-Trent), Explorer 273 (Lincolnshire Wolds South)

King's Hill Barrow
This is a barrow of undetermined age that stands on a slight rise to the east of the River Witham flood plane. Excavations in 1912 suggested that the mound may be Medieval and the close proximity of the remains of Bardney Abbey half a mile to the west may support this but it doesn't rule out the possibility that it was built on an earlier Bronze Age round barrow - there were several barrow cemeteries along this stretch of the Witham and also beside one of its tributaries to the north, Barlings Eau. The barrow is about 12-15 metres in diameter and stands about 2 metres tall.

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