Lincoln Roman Town
Roman Legionary Fort and Colonia
Lincoln, Lincolnshire  OS Map Ref SK975714
OS Maps - Landranger 121 (Lincoln & Newark-on-Trent), Explorer 272 (Lincoln)

East Gate
The east gate
Newport Arch
Newport Arch
The Roman town of LINDVM was founded with a 17 hectare fortress in AD60 that housed the 9th Legion and then the 2nd Adiutrix some 10 years later. Very little is known about this fort which is now covered by Lincoln Castle although some parts of the earth and timber defenses have been found.

When the legions left in AD77 the site was resettled as a colonia, a retirement home for veterans and their families. The name 'Lincoln' is a corruption of the former 'Lindum Colonia'. Over the course of the 2nd and 3rd centuries the town grew and expanded down the hill along with stone defensive walls and fine buildings, some incorporating Greek and Italian marble as well as mosaic pavements. An aqueduct and a series of pipes brought water into the town, which by now covered an area of around 40 hectares and waste was taken away with a set of sewers and house drains.

Several parts of the Roman town can still be seen today and include -

Newport Arch, the north gate of the town, is the only Roman arch still standing in Britain. Built at the beginning of the 3rd century it once stood over 2 metres higher than it does today due to the raised height of the modern road. The small pedestrian entrance on the right in the picture is a later Medieval addition.

The remains of the northern tower of the east gate survive outside the Eastgate Hotel and date from around the same period as Newport Arch.

Evidence of the fresh water system can be seen in a remains of a well close to the Cathedral and also close to Newport Arch is section of wall over 3 metres thick that stands in the grounds of a private house which formed part of a water storage tank for the town.
Water Storage Tank
Water storage tank
Roman Well
Roman well

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