Painsthorpe Wold
Bronze Age Round Barrows
West of Fridaythorpe, East Riding of Yorkshire  OS Map Ref SE82755853
OS Maps - Landranger 106 (Market Weighton), Explorer 294 (Market Weighton & Yorkshire Wolds Central)

Barrow 201 looking southeast
Barrow 201 at SE82755853 looking southeast.
This is one of a small dispersed group of round barrows that cluster around the flat topped plateau of Painsthorpe Wold bounded on the west by the steep drop of Painsthorpe Dale with other shallower valleys towards the north, east and south. The antiquarian J. R. Mortimer included twenty-one barrows in his Painsthorpe Wold Group although only about half a dozen were located on the plateau, the barrow shown above being numbered 201 in his 'Forty Years Researches...' of 1905.

It is a fairly typical Bronze Age barrow that has spread to cover a diameter of 33 metres and stands a couple of metres high and upon excavation was found to contain an adult inhumation within an oval pit and as well as five sets of cremation remains, two of which Mortimer interpreted as having been interred while the barrow mound was being constructed. The only artifacts found were a crushed food vessel recovered from the upper layer of the mound and a flint knife and bone button which accompanied one of the cremations which also had remains of some unburnt deer bones nearby.

The Painsthorpe Group seems to have evolved around an earlier Neolithic round barrow (although it is not on the 1854 Ordnance Survey map below) that stood about 100 metres to the southwest of the barrow above. Again excavated by Mortimer and numbered 99 it seems that the barrow has now been flattened and possibly lies beneath agricultural buildings of Painsthorpe Wold Farm.
OS Map of Painsthorpe Wold from 1854
OS Map from 1854 showing the location of some of the round barrows on Painsthorpe Wold. The barrow in the photograph is circled in red, the location of the long barrow mentioned in the text is circled in blue.
Basemap reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.


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Pastscape: 1257295, NMR Number: SE 85 NW 53.

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