Robin Hood's Butts
Bronze Age Round Barrows
Brow Moor, North Yorkshire  OS Map Ref NZ96200190  Elevation: 235M OSD
OS Maps - Landranger 94 (Whitby & Esk Dale), Explorer OL27 (North York Moors - Eastern Area)

Robin Hood's Butts
One of the three barrows known as Robin Hood's Butts, this one is at NZ962019
Although the Brow Moor area of Fylingdales is renowned for its carved rocks it is also the location of several Bronze Age round barrows which seem to be clustered around the northeastern edge of the moor particularly along the edge of Stoupe Brow where it looks out over Robin Hood's Bay.

A group of three of these barrows form a triangle and have earned themselves the name of Robin Hood's Butts, presumably a reference to the famous archer using them for target practice. All three earth and stone mounds measure between 17-20 metres in diameter with the tallest barrow standing towards the west of the group (photograph above) being about a metre high although the original height of each barrow has been reduced somewhat as all three show evidence of having pits dug into their centres, presumably by the antiquarian Canon Greenwell who excavated several barrows in the area in the late 1880's. Greenwell documented his finds in 1890 in an article titled 'Recent Research in Barrows in Yorkshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire etc' but unfortunately he is vague about exactly which barrows on Fylingdales Moor the text refers to and it is not now possible to match his reports to more than a couple of barrows in the area.

The three barrows of the Robin Hood's Butts group do not seem to be associated with any nearby carved stones and are presumed to be of a later date than the carvings.
Barrow close to the Robin Hood's Butts group
There are several other barrows on Stoupe Brow, this one stands at NZ961016

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