Bronze Age Stone Circle
Northwest of Kettlewell, North Yorkshire  OS Map Ref SD89957937
OS Maps - Landranger 98 (Wensleydale), Explorer OL2 (Yorkshire Dales: S & W Areas)

Yockenthwaite circle looking southwest
Yockenthwaite circle looking southwest. The river is just beyond the wall and line of dead bracken.
Yockenthwaite circle - Part of the double ring of stones
Part of the double ring of stones.
This is a lovely little ring of stones that is probably a small stone circle although it could be the kerb remains of a robbed cairn. Whichever, it's in a fantastic position on the north bank of the fledgling River Wharf, a river that was so important to the prehistoric peoples of Yorkshire. At this point in its journey the river is passing through the narrow valley of Langstrothdale with the hills of Yockenthwaite Moor to the north and Horse Head Moor to the south, a lovely spot that gives the circle the air of a small camp. The circle itself consists of about 24 stones in a slight oval measuring 7 metres by 6.5 metres with what could be the remains of an outer circle or kerb in the northwest quadrant and gaps towards the northeast and southeast where presumably stones are missing. A possible outlying boulder lies about 6 metres to the southeast and there are a couple of other questionable outlying stones further away to the west. Although the circle stones are quite bulky non are more than half a metre in height while the largest stone seems to be the one closest to the river, could it be that this position was important to the people who built Yockenthwaite?

Suggested Date: Bronze Age

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