Allan Tofts Carved Rocks Page 4 - West and East
Bronze Age Carved Rocks
Allan Tofts, North of Goathland, North Yorkshire  General OS Map Ref NZ830030
OS Maps - Landranger 94 (Whitby & Esk Dale), Explorer OL27 (North York Moors)
Stone numbers and coordinates taken from 'Prehistoric Rock Art in the North York Moors' Chappell & Brown

Allan Tofts Carved Rocks - Stone 5a
Stone 5a at NZ8266902875. This is an interesting combination of designs. The bowl to the upper right of the picture has its lip carved in relief giving the definite impression that it was designed to hold something - was this meant to be water or some kind of offering or an object of some sort? There are a handful of other cups and a badly eroded motif to the lower right that does not show in the photograph consisting of a grid pattern formed by three vertical and four horizontal grooves.
Allan Tofts Carved Rocks - Stone 5c
Stone 5c at NZ8265502816. This boulder has a series of carving across two faces. Chappell and Brown report up to 25 cups but the covering of lichen on the top of the stone make counting some of them difficult. The poor light when I visited also means that the grooves across the faces do not show up particularly well in this photograph either, my interpretation in the upper right gives a rough approximation of the carvings.
Allan Tofts Carved Rocks - Stone 9a
Stone 9a at NZ8316902842. The preceding two stones above are both located towards the western side of Allan Tofts, this stone lies towards the east in the undergrowth beside a track that leads south to Hawthorn Hill Farm. Three cups are each partially surrounded by rings, with one cup having a short gutter running from it.
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