Bronze Age Standing Stones
Southeast of Tal-y-Fan, Gwynedd. Wales  OS Map Ref SH74177182
OS Maps - Landranger 115 (Snowdon), Explorer 17 (Snowdon)

standing stone roughly in line with Maen-y-Bardd
One of a pair of standing stones roughly in line with Maen-y-Bardd.
The picture above shows one of a pair of stones to the east of the Maen y Bardd burial chamber, the other is behind the camera and now forms part of a low field wall or boundary.

It has traditionally been suggested that the stones form part of an alignment with the tomb although more recent study reveals that this is not quite the case. They do however form an almost right angled triangle between Maen y Bardd and Rhiw burial chamber with the stone above being 105 metres and 65 metres from the respective tombs.

Whether any of these alignments is intentional is unknown and if the stones are assumed to be Bronze Age then they would post date the pre-existing burial monuments by at least several hundred years and may instead be linked to two other standing stones further west that also follow the southern slopes of Tal-y-Fan (see also Cae Coch).

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