The Cop Stone
Natural Rock Feature / Alignment / Ring Cairn
Moor Divock, Cumbria  OS Map Ref NY49592160
OS Maps - Landranger 90 (Penrith & Keswick), Explorer OL5 (The English Lakes: NE Area)

The Cop Stone
The Cop Stone looking east.
Stone Alignment
A pair of stones at NY49472184
This glacial erratic stone lies close to the track that leads over the side of Moor Divock from Askham and Helton. It stands around 120cm above ground, is 1 metre wide and about a metre thick, and forms part of a man made bank of around 20 metres in diameter. This bank is believed to be a Bronze Age ring cairn that was recorded in the late 19th century as having more than 10 stones around its perimeter - there are still a few small boulders set into this bank.
Between the Cop Stone and a damaged ring cairn at NY49402196 (Moor Divock Cairns - top left photograph) are a pair of standing stones about 2 metres apart, the tallest being about a metre high - they seem to form an alignment or part of an avenue between the three sites.

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