Curbar Edge Cairn
Bronze Age Round Cairn
Curbar Edge, Derbyshire  OS Map Ref SK25467561
OS Maps - Landranger 119 (Buxton & Matlock), Explorer OL24 (The Peak District - White Peak Area)

Looking west across Curbar Edge cairn
Looking west. The bank extends from the bottom, round the right hand side and across the middle of the picture.
Looking south across Curbar Edge cairn
Looking south across the centre of the cairn with the possible cist in the centre of the picture.

Curbar Edge is a roughly southeast-northwest gritstone outcrop that becomes Froggatt Edge towards its northern end (see Froggatt Edge circle). To the east is a flattish shelve of land underneath White Edge and beyond is Big Moor, the location of the Barbrook group of stone circles and cairns. Curbar Edge also has its own collection of cairns and although some of these are quite large they are mostly heather covered and blend inconspicuously into the landscape. One of note however is the one pictured above at SK25467561. Instead of standing to the east of the outcrop this one stands right on the edge looking westwards over the Derwent Valley and to the hills beyond. Built on a small promontory it consists of flattened circle of boulders measuring about 18 metres by 15 metres with several large earthfast rocks within the central area. There also appears to be a cist with a leaning lid or cover stone. The site was excavated in 1913 by the Duke of Rutland when this cist was found to contain cremation remains and sherds of broken food vessel along with a flint scraper and a broken bronze knife.
While most of the cairns in the area do not stand close to the Edge itself this one seems to be deliberately sited to take advantage of the views to the west and feels almost like a giant eagles nest perched on its rocky outcrop, these views were surely an important, if not the most important, reason why it was built here.

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