The Hurlers
Bronze Age Stone Circles, Standing Stones
West of Minions, Cornwall  OS Map Ref SX258714
OS Maps - Landranger 201 (Plymouth & Launceston), Explorer 109 (Bodmin Moor)

The Hurlers Stone Circle
View north from the edge of the southern circle looking across the centre circle towards Stowe's Hill
The Hurlers
Stones of the centre circle
The Hurlers are actually three granite stone circles that stand in a NE/SW line on Bodmin Moor, in an area that contains over 20 round barrows and cairns

North Circle
13 remaining stones in a 33.5 metre diameter circle that was once paved with granite slabs.
Middle Circle
A 41 metre oval of 17 stones that was originally laid with granite crystals.
South Circle
32 metres across, with 9 stones remaining but only a couple standing.
All three circles would originally have contained between 25 and 30 dressed stones, additionally  there are 2 standing stones, the Pipers, close by.
Legend says that  the circles were men punished by St. Cleer for playing sport on the Lord's Day, and also that they are uncountable.

A short distance away to the north there is an interesting natural boulder pile known as the Cheesewring, the Stowe's Pound settlement site, as well as Rillaton Barrow which contained the Rillaton Cup, a Bronze Age handled cup made of corrugated sheet gold.

The Pipers
The Pipers

The Hurlers Stone Circle
Looking north across the centre circle towards Stowe's Hill

Google satellite image of the north and centre circle at The Hurlers (zoom and pan to view)

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