Minninglow (Page 1)
Neolithic Chambered Tomb and Bronze Age Round Barrow
North East of Roystone Grange, Derbyshire  OS Map Ref SK20935728
OS Maps - Landranger 119 (Buxton & Matlock), Explorer OL24 (The Peak District - White Peak Area)

Minninglow Chamber 1
Capstone of chamber 1 looking northwest
This Neolithic chamber set in the middle of the earthwork is believed to be part of the initial phase of the monument with subsequent chambers and earthwork being added and burials and cremation remains being deposited during the Bronze Age and even Roman period. Interestingly this chamber is aligned east-west while the other three remaining chambers are aligned north-south. A later Bronze Age round barrow can be seen as the mound beyond the large trees and to the left of the entrance through the wall to the upper right (the north west).

Minninglow Chamber 1
Chamber 1 looking southeast
This view shows the capstone and the upright slabs of chamber 1. The chamber is actually deeper than can be seen today as it had to be filled with gravel to prevent its collapse. Part of the capstone of chamber 2 which stands to the south of chamber 1 can be seen above and to the right.

Minninglow Chambers 1 & 2
Photograph showing the relative positions of chambers 1 and 2

Minninglow Chamber 2
Chamber 2. The stone in the foreground covers the chamber with the smaller stone covering the entrance passage.

Minninglow Chamber 2
Capstones of chamber 2
Another view of chamber 2 looking east in the direction of Rockhurst long barrow which is located on a plateau of land that extends eastwards from Minninglow. Some of the upright slabs of chamber 2 can be seen beneath the capstone, however like chamber 1 the floor level has been artificially raised by the addition of gravel to prevent the collapse of the chamber. The stone to the right covers a southern facing entrance with the two sections being separated with a blocking or kerb stone that can be seen in the gap between the two capstones.

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