Minninglow (Page 2)
Neolithic Chambered Tomb and Bronze Age Round Barrow
North East of Roystone Grange, Derbyshire  OS Map Ref SK20935728
OS Maps - Landranger 119 (Buxton & Matlock), Explorer OL24 (The Peak District - White Peak Area)

Minninglow Chamber 3
Minninglow chamber 3 looking south.
This chamber stands to the west of chamber 1 and has a distinctive wedge shape but no capstone - presumably one originally existed but has been 'lost' or destroyed during antiquarian or earlier excavations.

Minninglow Chamber 4
Slabs of the damaged chamber 4.
This stands to the southwest of chamber 3 on the western edge of the main body of the mound and is quite badly damaged. Here we are looking at the north, east and south slabs of the chamber, the missing western slabs can be imagined to form a square or rectangular structure. A few stones of the southern entrance (to the right of the picture - not shown) are mostly buried in earth and grass while a couple of pieces of rock beyond the edge of the mound could be part of a lost capstone.

Minninglow Round Barrow
Minninglow round barrow.
The area enclosed by the modern wall at Minninglow also contains a later Bronze Age round barrow located to the northwest of the main mound and Neolithic chambers. Bateman's excavations in the mid 19th century showed that it consisted of an earthen barrow built over a preexisting cairn and cist.

Cist in the Bronze Age barrow
Partly collapsed cist in the body of the round barrow.
This cist formed part of the original structure - a cairn that was later overlaid by an earthen barrow. The view is looking southeast with the main body of the earlier Neolithic mound that contains the four chambers shown in the pictures above and on page 1 standing behind the line of trees. It seems evident that this earlier structure and probably the hill itself on which it stands were still regarded as significant in the Bronze Age while later finds at Minninglow of a Roman date indicate that the site's importance continued into the historic period.

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