Neolithic Chambered Long Barrow
West of Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire  OS Map Ref SP096212
OS Maps - Landranger 163 (Cheltenham & Cirencester), Explorer OL45 (The Cotswolds)

The covered remains of Notgrove barrow
The covered remains of Notgrove barrow

Photograph from the 1934-35 excavations
Sadly little remains to be seen at this site but an earthen mound, it has however been extensively excavated in its time (first in 1881, then 1934-35) before being grassed over in recent years.

Originally a circular structure containing a stone cist with the remains of an old man was built on the site, with the bones of a young women placed on top of the mound. Later a chambered long barrow aligned east to west was constructed on top of this mound, standing around 48 metres long and 24 metres wide with a surrounding drystone wall. At the east was a curved forecourt with a narrow passage leading to an anti-chamber and 2 pairs of side chambers and a final end chamber in the same style as found as Nympsfield. The remains of at least 6 adults, as well as 3 children, a newborn baby and many animal bones were found within these chambers. A further 2 sets of remains were found within the forecourt along with evidence of fires.
This site is one of many that has a treasure legend attached to it, in this case it is said that the barrow contains a golden coffin.

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