Adam's Grave
Neolithic Long Barrow
Northeast of Alton Barnes, Wiltshire  OS Map Ref SU12106365
OS Maps - Landranger 173 (Swindon & Devizes), Explorer 157 (Marlborough & Savernake Forest)

Click and drag your mouse in the picture to scroll around the landscape as seen from the top of Adam's Grave long barrow. The initial view is to the southeast across the Vale of Pewsey with Salisbury Plain beyond while round to the left (east-northeast) the causewayed enclosure of Knap Hill is under shadow. The well preserved ditches that provided the chalk for the barrow earthwork can been seen near the bottom of the panorama on either side of the mound and the tail of the barrow is the ridge with the worn path immediately behind the camera to the northwest.

(Red compass arrow indicates north).

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