Neolithic / Bronze Age Complex
West of Amesbury, Wiltshire  OS Map Ref SU 1225 4219
OS Maps - Landranger 184 (Salisbury & The Plain), Explorer 130 (Salisbury & Stonehenge)

   Google Streetview tour of Stonehenge (may take a while to load). Use the mouse to spin the view and to look up and down. Clicking on the arrows will move the viewpoint to another location allowing the user to wander amongst the stones, something that is not normally possible at the site itself. A small icon in the top right of the view zooms the tour to fullscreen, pressing the Escape key will return it to normal view. Any links within the tour are external to this website and not associated with in any way (i.e. they're built into Streetview).
Stonehenge Satellite View 1Satellite view of Stonehenge clearly showing the remaining bank, Station Stones, the fallen Slaughter Stone and Heel Stone.
Stonehenge Satellite Image Close-up
Another Satellite image showing a closer view of the main stone setting.

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