White Raise
Bronze Age Round Cairn and Cist
Moor Divock, Cumbria  OS Map Ref NY489225
OS Maps - Landranger 90 (Penrith & Keswick), Explorer OL5 (The English Lakes: NE Area)

White Raise
This is a large round cairn made of stones and cobbles that although somewhat damaged still stands nearly 2 metres high and about 20 metres in diameter and can be seen from some distance on the moor. It stands close to the track that leads northwest from the road near the Cop Stone and is easy to find.

The most interesting feature of this cairn is found on top of, and close to the centre of the mound. This consists of an open rectangular slab lined cist (image below) which measures about 120cm long, 50cm wide and about 40cm deep. When opened this grave was found to contain a crouched skeleton.

Date: Bronze Age
White Raise Cist
The slab lined cist.

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