Wing Maze
Turf-cut Maze
Wing, Rutland  OS Map Ref SK898028
OS Maps - Landranger 141 (Kettering & Corby), Explorer 234 (Rutland Water)

Wing Maze
Plan of Wing MazeThis turf-cut maze is situated on the edge of the picturesque Rutland village of Wing. More accurately known as a labyrinth, it measures around 14 metres in diameter and consists of a single grass path that winds and backtracks around in a circle before finally leading to the centre. This form of maze has been variously termed 'Classical', 'Cretan' or 'Chartres' and is popularly associated with the legend of Thesesus and the Minotaur.

The age of this particular maze, as with the few others that remain in Britain, is not known but it is probable that it only dates from the medieval period - it is later recorded in the Leicester and Rutland Directory of 1846 which describes it as 'an ancient maze, in which the rustics run at the parish feast'.

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