King Doniert's Stone
Inscribed Cross

North of St. Cleer, Cornwall. OS Map Ref SX23616884
OS Maps - Landranger 201 (Plymouth & Launceston), Explorer 109 (Bodmin Moor)

King Doniert's Stone
The stone in the foreground is the cross base of the 9th century King Doniert's Stone.

Standing on Bodmin Moor, close to Trethevy Quoit and the Hurlers circle, are the granite bases of two late 9th century crosses. The crosses themselves were probably wooden and slotted into the sockets on top of the stones. 
One of them, known as King Doniert's Stone (or in Cornish - Men Myghtern Doniert) commemorates the last Cornish King Durngarth. Dungarth (Duncan in English) is thought to be a descendant of the early 8th century King Gerren, and is said to have held his court in Liskeard (Lis-Cerruyt)
Its inscription in Latin, "Doniert Progavit Pro Anima" translates as "Doniert ordered (this cross) for (the good of) his soul" and asks for prayers for the king who drowned during a hunting expedition in 875/6 AD.

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