Little Skirtful of Stones
Bronze Age Round Cairn
Ilkley Moor, West Yorkshire  OS Map Ref SE138452
OS Maps - Landranger 104 (Leeds & Bradford), Explorer 297 (Lower Wharfedale & Washburn Valley)

Little Skirtful of Stones
This is a nice Round Cairn that is a fair size and still in reasonable condition despite having the centre dug out, leaving it looking like the crater of a dormant volcano. It is certainly better preserved than its larger namesake the Great Skirtful of Stones.

Finding it is a bit tricky, travel southeast from the Cow and Calf car park and take the path that follows the edge of Green Crag Slack for about a mile. To your right you should be able to see a shed on the crest of the hill about half a mile away and halfway between you and it should be the pile of boulders of the cairn.

See also Ilkley Moor & Rombald's Moor Introduction

Date: Bronze Age
Little Skirtful of Stones

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