Midmar Kirk
Bronze Age Recumbent Stone Circle
West of Echt, Aberdeenshire  OS Map Ref NJ69940650
OS Maps - Landranger 38 (Aberdeen), Explorer 406 (Aberdeen & Banchory)

Midmar Kirk recumbent stone circle - rear view of the recumbent setting
The rear view of the well preserved but rain soaked recumbent setting in Midmar Kirk churchyard. The setting stands to the southwest of the circle which consists of five remaining stones of a possible original eleven. There is little to be seen of any internal cairn but Adam Welfare (Great Crowns of Stone - The Recumbent Stone Circles of Scotland) suggests that the small stones behind the flankers in the image above may have formed part of the kerb of a cairn.
Midmar Kirk recumbent stone circle - overview of the circle from the north
Overview of the circle from the north. The circle takes its name from the church that now stands alongside it just out of shot to the right in the image above (see 360 degree panorama) which was built towards the end of the 18th century while the graveyard that has sprung up around the circle only dates from the early 20th century. The practice of building Christian monuments close to prehistoric sites can also famously be seen at Rudston and Knowlton Henge.

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