Barningham Moor / Eel Hill
Bronze Age Carved Rock
Barningham Moor, south of Barnard Castle, Durham  OS Map Ref NZ05130781
OS Maps - Landranger 92 (Barnard Castle & Richmond), Explorer OL30 (Yorkshire Dales: Northern & Central Areas)

Click and drag your mouse in the picture to scroll around the landscape of Eel Hill above Barningham Moor. At the start of the panorama the view is northwards with Barningham Moor being the lower ground that stretches across the whole width of the image. Beyond the moor is the valley of the River Tees, the town of Barnard Castle and then the hills of the northeastern Pennines in the haze in the far distance. To the southeast is Osmarill Gill with a stone circle just beyond its head (see How Tallon panorama), and to the south the Eel Hill carved rock.

(Red compass arrow indicates north).

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