Normanton Down
Neolithic / Bronze Age Barrow Cemetery
South of Stonehenge, Wiltshire  OS Map Ref SU116413
OS Maps - Landranger 184 (Salisbury & The Plain), Explorer 130 (Salisbury & Stonehenge)

Click and drag your mouse in the picture to scroll around Normanton Down barrow cemetery. The panorama was taken from one of the mounds of a double bell barrow close to the centre of the cemetery at map ref SU120412 with the initial view looking northwards towards Stonehenge (compass arrow indicates north). Click the red dotted circle to toggle text labels on and off and use the plus and minus buttons to zoom in and out of the panorama.

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Note: This page uses a small Java applet to power the panorama, if no image appears in the frame above then you either don't have Java installed or have it switched off or blocked from running in your browser.

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