Skyreholme (Central)
Bronze Age Carved Rocks
Southwest of Stump Cross Caverns, North Yorkshire  OS Map Ref SE07726231
OS Maps - Landranger 99 (Northallerton & Ripon), Explorer 298 (Nidderdale)

Skyreholme PRAWR 413
PRAWR 413 (Prehistoric Rock Art of the West Riding - Boughey and Vickerman 2003). While many examples of rock-art take some effort to search out in remote or awkward places often part buried in vegetation, this one can't be missed. A large flat-topped boulder that stands next to a track over Black Hill, it is now part of a field wall but such a prominent piece of rock much have made a very attractive target for carving in prehistory.
Skyreholme PRAWR 413
This view is taken from directly above the boulder with the western sunlit side being to the left and the eastern side in shade to the right. The marks on the stone seem to be divided into three zones, to the west are twenty or so mostly worn cups but one seems to stand out - literally in fact - as it may have been carved in relief with what could be a ring of cups surrounding it at a slightly lower level. On the eastern side of the wall the upper part of the boulder carries a series of deep depressions some of which are probably natural and some which may have been enhanced by carving. On a lower section towards the top right of the picture is a third area of marks, this time with about a dozen cups. The photograph serves as a good illustration of how light can effect the visibility of rock-art, the late afternoon sun has cast a slight shadow across the cups on the western side of the wall but the lack of direct sunlight on the eastern side means limited contrast between the natural rock surface and any marking that may be on it. This can also be seen in the two photographs below.
Skyreholme PRAWR 413
Western side of the boulder. The most obvious cup is to the upper right near the edge of the rock and seems to be carved in relief and stands slightly proud of the rock surface. The rest of the cups are spread out across the flat top but do not extending down the side of the boulder. I wonder if the top was artificially leveled by the carvers before they added the cups?
Skyreholme PRAWR 413
Eastern side of the boulder. Many of these marks could be natural though some could have been enhanced. The lower section with about a dozen cups is hidden in this view being between the top edge of the rock and the fieldwall.

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