Weetwood Moor 1 & 2
Bronze Age Carved Rocks / Rock Art
East of Wooler, Northumberland  OS Map Ref NU02332822
OS Maps - Landranger 75 (Berwick-upon-Tweed), Explorer 340 (Holy Island & Bamburgh)

Weetwood Moor 1b & 1a
Overview of Weetwood Moor 1b in the foreground and 1a just behind it at NU02332822 looking south towards a small quarry and the trees of North Plantation beyond.
Weetwood Moor 1a
Weetwood Moor 1a (ERA 136). A central shallow bowl is surrounded by a pair of unfinished or worn rings (the gap is nearest to the camera) with about five cups on either side.
Weetwood Moor 1b
Weetwood Moor 1b (ERA 134). A wide deep cup with a possible partial ring is linked to much smaller cup by a short groove or channel which in turn is crossed by a shallow groove linking two further cups. Several other depressions on the rock surface including the groove towards the left may also be man-made.
Weetwood Moor 1d
Weetwood Moor 1d (ERA 133) at NU02332822. The cup in the centre of the picture is surrounded by a raised boss formed by a deep ring with possible traces of another unfinished ring. Just out of shot at the bottom right of the picture are a further pair of eroded cup and ring motifs.
Weetwood Moor 2e
Weetwood Moor 2e (ERA 150) at NU02282820. A cup has a pair of unfinished angular rings with a short groove linking it to a further cup to the left which may be surrounded by a worn ring. The small depression above the main motif may be natural.
Weetwood Moor unknown stone
I'm not sure which stone this is as there are several in the Weetwood Moor 2 group. There seems to be at least two cups near the centre with another possible cup to the left while other depressions are open to guesswork.

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