Nine Maidens of Boskednan
Bronze Age Stone Circle
Northwest of Penzance, Cornwall  OS Map Ref SW43433512
OS Maps - Landranger 203 (Land's End & Isles of Scilly), Explorer 102 (Land’s End)

Boskednan Circle

Boskednan Circle
The tallest stone stands to one side of the entrance.

Boskednan circle stands on a windswept hillside some distance from the Men-an-Tol. Unlike many of the more popular circles in Cornwall it is in a poor state of repair, and this is probably the reason that it appears in few guides to the area. The 22 metre diameter Bronze Age circle now consists of 6 standing stones- others remain fallen or falling, and most of the stones to the north are missing,
There is some confusion over how many stones once stood here, Aubrey Burl says 22, Julian Cope says 19. What is certain is that when the circle was recorded in 1754 by William Borlase there were 13 stones standing with a further 6 laying where they had fallen, however by 1825 another writer mentions that a further 5 stones had fallen, 2 were learning badly, and 3 had disappeared completely.

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