Trippet Circle
Bronze Age Stone Circle
Bodmin Moor, Cornwall  OS Map Ref SX131750
OS Maps - Landranger 200 (Newquay & Bodmin), Explorer 109 (Bodmin Moor)

Trippet Stone Circle
Trippet Stone Circle looking east towards Hawk's Tor
Bodmin moor contains many sites of interest, including Trethevy Quoit, The Hurlers Circle and the rarely visited circles of Stannon and Trippet.

Trippet Stones near Blisland is a semi complete stone circle of around 33 metres in diameter that still has around twelve of its probable original number of twenty-six dressed stones remaining, some standing, some fallen. There is also a standing stone near the centre but this is a modern boundary marker, probably dating from the 19th century. The site was first recorded in the mid 19th century by John Thomas Blight, along with the nearby Stripple Stones henge. To the north-east stands Carbilly Tor, very similar to the Cheesewring, and it has been noted that the midsummer sun set over this natural rock formation when viewed from Trippet circle.

The whole of this area is very open and cattle roam freely around the site. This has lead to moats of water around the stones where animals have used them as scratching posts. Indeed, when I visited Trippet a worryingly large bull with a rather dangerous looking pair of horns showed a little too much interest, leading to an unscheduled early exit from the site!

Date: Bronze Age
Trippet Stone Circle

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