Sil Howe
Bronze Age Round Barrow
Southeast of Grosmont, North Yorkshire  OS Map Ref NZ852028
OS Maps - Landranger 94 (Whitby & Esk Dale), Explorer OL27 (North York Moors - Eastern Area)

Sil Howe Round Barrow
This round barrow stands close to the same road as the barrow of Breckon Howe with Pen Howe a little further beyond and the damaged stone setting of the High Bride Stones a short distance away to the north across Sleights Moor. It forms part of a chain of barrows that runs southeast for around seven miles, these barrows include Flat Howes, Pen Howes, Breckon Howe, Sil Howe, Flass Brow, Robbed Howe, Foster Howes, Ann Howe, Louven Howe, Lilla Howe, High Woof Howe and Low Woof Howe.

The earth and stone mound of Sil Howe measures about 13 metres in diameter and stands just over a metre tall although it is difficult to gauge its size due to its dense covering of heather which hides a large depression caused by former excavations. Like Breckon Howe it occupies a high spot on a roughly southwest-northeast ridge of land across the moor (between the valleys of the River Esk and Little Beck) which could well have been a prehistoric trackway - this possible track has now become the route of the road from Goathland to Sleights.

Date: Bronze Age

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