Brow Moor Carved Rocks - Area 4 (Page 1)
Bronze Age Carved Rocks
Brow Moor, North Yorkshire  General OS Map Ref NZ961015
OS Maps - Landranger 94 (Whitby & Esk Dale), Explorer OL27 (North York Moors - Eastern Area)
Stone numbers and coordinates taken from 'Prehistoric Rock Art in the North York Moors' Chappell & Brown

Brow Moor stone 4a
Stone 4a at NZ96000156. The three carved rocks on this page all lie within a short distance of each other. The slab above has around sixty cups (marked with water for clarity), some with rings and one towards the left which has a double ring.
Brow Moor stone 4b
Stone 4b at NZ96010155. This rock is partly covered with heather and some of the motifs including a couple of cup and rings and some grooves are hidden in this view. Many cups can still be seen as well as an interesting groove than links and also incorporates several cups.
Brow Moor stone 4c
Stone 4c at NZ96000155. A cup with a double ring can be seen towards the lower left with a cup and single ring above it which may be enclosed within a groove. The carvings on the right are more difficult to make out but may include a faint groove incorporating several equally faint cups.

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