Brow Moor Carved Rocks - Area 5 (Page 4)
Bronze Age Carved Rocks
Brow Moor, North Yorkshire  General OS Map Ref NZ963013
OS Maps - Landranger 94 (Whitby & Esk Dale), Explorer OL27 (North York Moors - Eastern Area)
Stone numbers and coordinates taken from 'Prehistoric Rock Art in the North York Moors' Chappell & Brown

Brow Moor Stone 5d
Stone 5d at NZ96420131. A series of grooves create three enclosures while a separate circular design is linked by a further short groove. Around 15 cups appear across the surface of the stone, some are enclosed by the grooves, some are separate and others appear to be incorporated into the grooves. Is this evidence that the grooves were cut some time after the cups?
Brow Moor Stone 5r
Stone 5r at NZ96390134. I arrived at the wrong time of day to properly view this stone. Chappell & Brown show one face of this rock as having a complex design of horizontal and vertical intersecting grooves but as can be seen from the photograph above the late afternoon sun put this face in shadow and only a series of vertical lines can be seen.
Brow Moor Stone 5v
Stone 5v at NZ96170124. An interesting design composed of a pair of 'egg carton' or 'domino' cup patterns joined by a pair of shallow grooves.

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